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A kiln in Cornwall containing some firewood ready to be seasoned.

The benefits of kiln-dried firewood 

Kiln-dried firewood is our speciality at Wildwood. On the farm, all of our hardwood goes through a kiln-drying process to...

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Amongst the eucalyptus saplings at Wildwood.

Why eucalyptus is a great choice for firewood

Eucalyptus was a clear winner when deciding which trees we would be planting at Wildwood. These trees have many amazing...

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A log burner next to a pile of firewood heats a small home

How to reduce the environmental impact of heating your home 

The environmental impact humans are having is increasingly coming under the spotlight as an issue that we can do more...

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A BBQ over wood with fish and assorted kebabs.

Why you should be cooking wood-fired food

With the growing popularity of wood-fired kitchens throughout the country, we wanted to look at why there has been a...

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A cosy fireplace burning wood

Fireplace and wood burner maintenance

It might not be the most exciting job, but proper cleaning and maintenance of your wood burner or fireplace is...

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Firewood stored undercover outside

How to store your firewood

When you use wood to heat your home, it’s important to consider where and how your firewood logs should be...

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