About us

Wildwood was set up by husband and wife Hugh and Tina Davis. Hugh’s keen interest in sustainability and background in forest management led him to identify an opportunity for a homegrown firewood business at Treworder. 

Following the planting of eucalyptus saplings, a short rotation crop that creates an excellent source of raw material for firewood, Treworder received Silver in the Royal Forestry Society Woodland for Climate Change Competition. Read about the award here.

In September 2016, a biomass boiler-powered kiln was installed at Treworder by Kernow Fires in Wadebridge. The biomass boiler is a KWB 300 KW Powerfire, fuelled by waste wood from the logging process which is chipped and fed automatically via a large auger. The boiler heats 8,000 litres of water which is pumped around the wood kiln for up to six days until the logs are perfectly dry. The boiler has been designed to run a second kiln which is planned for the future.

Wildwood now supplies kiln-dried hardwood firewood both to trade and direct to consumers. Please contact us for enquiries.