Why eucalyptus is a great choice for firewood

Eucalyptus was a clear winner when deciding which trees we would be planting at Wildwood. These trees have many amazing properties that make them uniquely suited to become the perfect kiln dried logs. 

Heat output

Often known more for the oil extracts than the wood itself, when burned, eucalyptus takes advantage of these natural oils to achieve a high burn temperature. Coupling this with the fact that all of our wood is kiln-dried, these logs provide a very efficient and hot output meaning you need less fuel to achieve a high temperature when compared with other wood varieties. 

Another advantage in the burn quality is the high density of this hardwood, paired with its high calorific value. A dense wood means that the fuel will burn for longer and the calorie value will impact the temperature at which the wood logs will burn. Having a favourable burn time and high temperature is a benefit to those who want hot and long-lasting fuel. 

Growing suitability

Eucalyptus trees grow much faster than some of the more popular UK hardwood counterparts. They have a very little seasonal downtime compared to our local deciduous trees meaning they are able to grow year-round. Eucalyptus grows at around two metres a year and can be harvested as soon as seven years into growth.

Rows of eucalyptus saplings growing to one day become firewood
The rows of eucalyptus saplings at Wildwood

Whilst originally from Australia, eucalyptus trees are well suited to conditions in the UK. There are many varieties within the eucalyptus family and when planting our woods, there was a range of eucalyptus species chosen. This allowed us to spread the age, class structure and risk of the crop and ensure the most suitable Cornish grown firewood. Site suitability, frost resistance and their growth potential have all been considered.

Environmental impact

One of the wider benefits of using eucalyptus for firewood is from an environmental perspective. Eucalyptus, when it grows, is a tree with high levels of carbon capture. This means that it absorbs a high amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, doing its part to help reduce the effects of global warming. As we also use an onsite kiln powered by biomass from the byproducts of harvest, this means all of our kiln dried logs will be carbon neutral. 

The warehouse where wood is sorted into crates before the drying process.
The north Cornish farm where the wood is grown and seasoned

Compared to Europe, we have a significantly lower percentage of land dedicated to growing firewood, meaning in the UK much of our firewood is currently imported. Wood is a heavy material to transport and has a large carbon footprint when imported. At Wildwood we dedicate ourselves to our sustainability through forestry management and locally growing the most suitable and efficient fuel for Cornish homes and businesses. Buying your firewood locally is a much more environmentally-conscious choice. 

From the conception of utilising eucalyptus as a firewood crop in the UK and the use of a biomass powered boiler to heat the on-site kiln, we were very thankful to be awarded silver in our contribution towards climate change from the Royal Forestry Society

Eucalyptus is a great choice for firewood for several reasons, which is why at Wildwood we have dedicated eight hectares to growing these wonderful trees. For more information about our eucalyptus, contact us or call 0300 303 4963.